Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Days of Wonder

Okay, so this post has nothing to do with Stampin' Up! or paper crafting of any kind, but I just had to share.

Today my husband, Jeff, is preparing to head off to the LA Music Awards.  I am so proud of him.  He is the most creative person I know.  Two years ago he was asked to take a listen to a song and come up with a music video concept.  When he first described his vision for the video to me I got the chills.  He is so well respected in his industry, he was able to get all the people and equipment he needed to put the project together for the songwriter as a favor to him.  Now two years later he is being honored for his vision and hard work.  He will accept the Music Video Producer of the Year award tomorrow night.  The video was also awarded the Music Video of the Year award.  And, to make it even better, our son Joe is the little boy featured in the video.

The song is about a father who lost his son very early in the Iraq war. He still dreams about his son as a young boy, and is proud of his service to his country.  The songwriter, Michael Smith, wrote the song the day of the Virginia Tech massacre. He loves his country, but isn't happy with what's going on at the moment. Enjoy...


  1. This is amazing, do you mind if I share it on my facebook and blog? I would be honored. And in days like today this video hits more heartstrings than any other I have ever seen. Especially after the Ft. Hood massacre where so many lost their lives on home soil.


  2. Oh my gosh that is just awesome! Congratulations!


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